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Founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015, Non-Fiction Coffee Co. was formed on the premise of great coffee and serving others.

Non-Fiction Coffee is ethically sourced coffee that impacts more than just the individual drinking coffee. Proceeds go past the cup and are intentionally placed into communities who need it the most, both internationally and domestically. Non-Fiction Coffee was founded on the idea of serving great coffee with the passion of serving individuals in need. 

With every bag of Non-Fiction Coffee, we are dignifying the work of farmers and giving opportunities to villages through schools, medical clinics, and fresh water. Together, through the rich natural resource of coffee, we are playing a small role in eliminating the systemic poverty that has existed for generations in third world countries.
Joe's Coffee House is the first revitalization project located on Ford Avenue. The original Tarrant Coffee Shop building is a registered historic landmark and a part of the Jefferson County Historic Commission. Once renovated Joe's will become our base of operations as well as a retail coffee house.
A group of friends that love Tarrant and want to see our small town thrive. We are made up of residents, former residents, pastors, business owners, and community leaders. Our goal is to provide support and economic development with minimal burden to our local government.

Joe's Coffee House  supports TARRANT MOVING FORWARD

  1. Tarrant Alabama Centennial Celebration
    Tarrant Alabama Centennial Celebration
  2. Kiddos Fun Run
    Kiddos Fun Run
  3. Marc Barnette
    Marc Barnette
  4. United States Army Band
    United States Army Band
  5. Centennial Ceremony
    Centennial Ceremony
  6. David Lee "ELVIS"
    David Lee "ELVIS"
  7. Rick (Rollin In The Hay) Dan (City Clerk)
    Rick (Rollin In The Hay) Dan (City Clerk)
  8. Chromebooks
  9. FMC Chili Cook Off
    FMC Chili Cook Off
  10. FMC Chili Cook Off
    FMC Chili Cook Off
  11. FMC Chili Cook Off
    FMC Chili Cook Off
  12. Porky's Pride BBQ
    Porky's Pride BBQ
  13. FMC Chili Cook Off
    FMC Chili Cook Off
  14. FMC Chili Cook Off
    FMC Chili Cook Off

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