A group of friends that love Tarrant and want to see our small town thrive. We are made up of residents, former residents, pastors, business owners, and community leaders. Our goal is to provide support and economic development with minimal burden to our local government.




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Joe Posey

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Joe Posey moved to Tarrant more than 20 years ago and is the driving force behind Joe's Coffee House and Tarrant Moving Forward. He has been actively involved in several facets of our community for years.  In 1999 Joe Posey met Katie Bagby Posey while on staff as the student/associate pastor at Boyles Baptist Church in Tarrant. In the spring of 2000 they were married. Joe & Katie moved into the apartment above the old Tarrant Coffee Shop where they lived until moving to their home near the new Tarrant High School and Pine Hill Christmas Tree Farm.

Joe's company TMI Productions is also credited with hosting the Tarrant Centennial Celebration and the Five Mile Creek Chili Cook Off.